Episode 3

Published on:

15th Apr 2021

Tim Dillinger and Ray Curenton | Nashville-based singer-songwriters on growing up gay in deeply religious families, building unique identities, and creating inclusive music.

Tim Dillinger is an award-winning singer, songwriter, and producer, poet, speaker, and historian whose career spans more than 20 years. His work has been featured on NPR, Huffington Post, and ColorLines magazine. He has released five albums.

Ray Curenton grew up in a singing family and has recorded two independent albums, dedicated to love in all its forms.

Both men grew up gay in families where religion was a central focus. They co-own the publishing imprint, Imagination Fury Arts.

Check out Tim on Twitter: https://twitter.com/timdillinger?lang=en

Check out Ray on Twitter: https://twitter.com/raycurenton

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Nothing is off-limits. We have fun. Go deep. Keep it real.

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Deb Ondo is a contemporary oil painter living in Massachusetts. Her work explores the sacred alchemy that exists between human beings and the natural world. Deb's paintings have been exhibited through Emerge Gallery in New York. Her work can be found on Artsy.

Deb also manages marketing and communications for a national nonprofit. She worked in local television for twenty years and has been honored with five broadcast Emmy Awards and a Pat Weaver Broadcast Journalism Award. Deb co-produced the film, ArtSpirit, which explores Provincetown, Massachusetts, from its 1920s standing as the largest art haven in the world to its present-day status as a resort town.