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Welcome to What's Art Got to Do With It?

I’m Deb Ondo – this is What’s Art Got to Do With It? My new podcast about aesthetic experiences and approaches to art and life.

I do marketing and communications and I’m an oil painter – picked up the brushes again after a long dry spell when the initial COVID pandemic pause changed all of our lives in 2020.

As I ramp up my fine art business, I’m talking with artists and others about the creative process and what it means to live a more conscious and creative life.  

No subject is off limits

We have fun.

Go deep.

Above all else - we keep it real.

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In the spirit of living a more aesthetic life --- stay curious and keep asking, what’s art got to do with it?

About the Podcast

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What's Art Got to Do With It?
Get creative with creatives.

About your hosts

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Lauren Kleciak

Lauren Kleciak is a lifelong resident of Massachusetts, with much of her formative years spent in Western Massachusetts. She has spent over 30 years in broadcast news, winning numerous awards for editing, including three Emmy Awards. Lauren enjoys a variety of hobbies, including photography, drawing, woodworking, and, most especially, being in nature.

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Deb Ondo

Deb Ondo is a contemporary oil painter living in Massachusetts. Her work explores the sacred alchemy between human beings and the natural world. Deb exhibited her paintings through Emerge Gallery in New York, and is an exhibitor at the Paradise City Arts Festival. Visit debondowildart.com.

Deb also manages marketing and communications for a regional nonprofit. During her twenty years in local television, Deb received five broadcast Emmy Awards and a Pat Weaver Broadcast Journalism Award. Deb co-produced the documentary film, ArtSpirit, with Lauren Kleciak and their friend, Shirl Roccapriore.