Episode 6

Jen Murdza | LA-based singer-songwriter and software engineer, working to help independent labels keep more of their money.

Published on: 15th April, 2021

I talk with Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter, Jen Murdza. Her songwriting style has been described as "an ironic marriage of somber lyrics and playful, rhythmic grooves." The Boston Globe wrote, "vocal standout, Jen Murdza, has beaten the pack by continually defying genres." Recording artist, Brandy Carlisle said, "I got to see Jen’s set and thought it was really amazing. It was really nice to see another girl singing really big and singing loud. We may kidnap her and take her on the rest of the tour with us.”

Jen’s career highlights include: Being XM Satellite Radio, Radar Report’s "Artist of the Week," a Boston Music Awards Nominee for "Best New Act," a Starbucks Music Makers Semi-finalist, and a part of New York's Songwriter Circle at The Bitter End (alumni include Vanessa Carlton and Nora Jones).

Jen is also a software engineer, working with a company that has created a platform enabling independent and small labels to keep more of their money and not have to work with and rely on (often) predatory large record labels.

Find Jen's music wherever you listen - and check out her website: http://www.jenmurdza.com/

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